Family Fun Night / Open House


 When : April 24, 2015 from 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: North Liberty Christian School

What: Bounce house, free food, games, photo booth, and more! Bring the whole family and come check us out!

Why: Use this chance to come check out our accredited K-6th grade school all while having fun with the family!


Family Fun Night / Open House

Golf Outing

On September 20th, the Christian School is hosting the annual Golf outing at the Plymouth Country Club. We are looking for foursomes, hole sponsors, and/or raffle items. See the registration form below to participate. We would love to have you!

2014 Golf Registration

2014-2015 Calendar

North Liberty Christian School

2014-2015 Calendar

August 5 Student Orientation 7:00pm
August 12 Classes Begin
September 1 No School – Labor Day
September 12 Grandparents Day
September 18 Picture Day
September 20 Golf Outing at Plymouth Country Club
September 12 NLCS Rummage Sale
September 22 No School
October 10 End of 1st Nine Weeks
October 16 Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 24 No School- Fall Break
October 27 No School- Fall Break
November 27 No School – Thanksgiving
November 28 No School – Thanksgiving
December 16 Christmas Program
December 19 End of 2nd Nine Weeks
December 22 Start of Christmas Break
January 5 Classes Resume
January 19 No School – Snow Make-up Day
February 13 No School – Snow Make-up Day
February 16 No School – Presidents Day
March 6 End of 3rd Nine Weeks
March 23-27 Spring Break
April 3 No School – Snow Make-up Day
April 6 No School – Snow Make-up Day
April 24 Family Fun Night/Open House
May 25 No School – Memorial Day
May 27 Last Day of School


NLCC will be having the annual Trunk-or-Treat event on October 31, 2013. Activities will go from 6-8pm. Bring the whole family! They are also looking for trunks to be decorated as well as volunteers to help out the day of. There will be free food, inflatables, games, and lots of candy!! Hope to see you there!


Reaping the Benefits of a Christian School: By Charles Walker

Reaping the Benefits of a Christian School

By Charles Walker

The joy received from watching a child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it.

As a parent, you have prayed, researched, sought counsel, and examined all possible educational options. You have conscientiously made the decision to send your child to a Christian school because you understand the value and benefits of a Christian education. It might prove enlightening and encouraging to you to carefully re-examine the specific reasons that prompted you to make this critical choice for your child and why today you are reaping the benefits of a Christian school.
Your first response to the question of “why?” my child attends a Christian school may go something like this: “I enrolled my child in a Christian school to obtain a Christian education in a morally, spiritually, and physically safe environment.” However, this answer is probably an over-simplification of your decision to capitalize on the values of a Christian school. A review of the many benefits that your child reaps academically, spiritually, and socially in a Christ-centered classroom may illuminate your reasoning preparing you to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Peter 3:15).
A child’s teacher is an important role model. Your child spends a major portion of the school day under the influence of one or more key teachers. You value the importance of the exemplary model set by your child’s teacher. In the Christian school classroom, the teacher openly teaches the truths of Scripture because his commitment compels an open, unashamed love and service to Jesus Christ. The government does not hinder these teachings, nor the reading of the Bible, nor prayer; all three are common every day occurrences. The teachers openly demonstrate and model Christian principles, one of the reasons you send your child to a Christian school.
The academic instruction in the Christian school exceeds that of the public schools. With strict standards of behavior enforced and high academic standards expected, the Christian school provides your child a better education, opening more doors in his life for future success and satisfaction. The benefits of the sound education offered in the Christian school are far-reaching and long-term, another reason you send your child to a Christian school.
Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized in the Christian school. The overt effects of violence and immorality so common in today’s public schools clearly demonstrate the need for a Christian education. The Christian ethics and morals expounded in your home and church are reinforced in the Christian school classroom. Nurturing a child with Biblical truth is an excellent way to equip him for maturity. The Christian values taught in the Christian home and reinforced in the Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles, another reason you send your child to a Christian school.
Opportunities for Christian friends and fellowship abound in the Christian school. Negative peer pressure is downplayed by emphasizing the relationship of each child with Jesus Christ, and magnifying the Biblical standard of true friendship which calls for love, forgiveness, and accountability. The positive influence of a child’s Christian peers has no substitute, another reason you send your child to a Christian school.
Teacher-pupil ratio in a Christian school is lower than that of most public schools. This smaller class size permits a teacher to spend more time with each child. Consequently, your child receives more individualized attention from the teacher, and this, of course, greatly benefits him academically and personally, another reason you send your child to a Christian school.
Obeying Biblical guidelines is essential when seeking the best for your child. Scriptural admonitions concerning the rearing of children in the Christian faith, such as Deuteronomy 6:5-7 and II Corinthians 6:14, can only be truly adhered to if children are taught in a Christian environment. The public schools cannot prepare a child for a fruitful, Christ-honoring life. In the Christian classroom, your child learns the Biblical truth absolutely necessary for living a balanced Christian life, another reason you send your child to a Christian school.
Placing your child in a Christian school may necessitate a financial sacrifice, a geographical inconvenience, or a drain on your energy, but the joy received from watching your child grow academically and mature in the Lord makes all the effort, all the time, all the money worth it. You should praise the Lord for the wisdom and direction He has given you, and thank Him for the blessings of a Christian school.
Dr. Charles Walker is a former education director of the American Association of Christian Schools and the executive director of the
Tennessee Association of Christian Schools.

Weekly News- November 19th

Parent Outing

On 12/14 we are having a parent outing. We will leave after the kids are dropped  off for the day (8:00 ish) then we will return before school is let out.  We will be going to various stores in Shipshewana. It is going to be a fantastic time! Anyone is invited- we hope to see you there!

Christmas Program

We have given CD’s and scripts for the students to start listening to and memorizing. We have less than 3 weeks until the program so the students really need to do there best at home. We do not need the CD’s back until the program is over so you may hang onto them. The Christmas program starts at 6:30, but we would like students to be there at 6:00.


We have one more scrip order date before Christmas time comes! We will be placing the last order on the 17th of December. A lot of businesses have upped their contribution! Applebee’s , Kmart, Express, Sears, Meijer and many more have increased the their rebate. Go to to see all the specials and even sign up! Our enrollment code is 3C2B22B28138. Place your order before the Monday of our order date. Turn the money in by 8:00am that day and receive your gift cards Wednesday of that same week. The rebate money received will be taken off your child’s tuition at the end of this semester. All future orders starting in January will be taking off next semester. Get your extended family involved to maximize your rebate!

NEXT HOT LUNCH:  This Friday 12/7/12


Chili Cheese Dogs

French Fries


Christmas Break :12/22/12-01/06/13

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State Accreditation

NLCS is now a fully accredited Christian School by the State of Indiana. That simply means that we meet or exceed expectations assigned by the state.  North Liberty Christian School has been opened for 15 years. We house kindergarten through 6th grade students. We have exceptional teachers and a curriculum that aligns with state and national standards. We are able to offer parents a faith based, private education that engages and challenges young minds while inspiring spiritual growth and development. Due to our small student/teacher ratios, there is more attention to student development. Our curriculum is multi-sensory, visual stimulating, and structured to impact all learning styles. With that, our students graduate a step above others which promotes leadership in their future endeavors. Contact us today to enroll your child in a school that desires to instill in each student the knowledge and discipline to excel in every area of their life. Ask how you can apply to receive state vouchers for your child’s tuition or go to to find out more.

Riley Children’s Hospital- Service Project

The parents and students of NLCS took some time today to help some some families in some serious need. Each week, hundreds of families have to stay at the Riley Children’s Hospital to be with their child or sibling who is on the road to recovery or very ill. Today our students packed over 400 bags for the families that are there. It was such a small thing that we could do to help, but with prayer and encouragement, we hope that we can be a beacon in their lives. The students took some time afterwards to pray for the families that would be receiving these bags so that they may be filled with comfort and hope from God. As you read this, I would invite you to join us in prayer for these families. We worship an amazing God who is bigger than all of this and has the power to pull these families out of these trials they are facing.





Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.