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Enrichment Programs & Parent Involvement

  Currently we offer:
Gym, Art, Chapel, Health, Computer class, Drama

Our PTO work together to cook bi-weekly hot lunches as well as plan and prepare our school events.

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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


We maintain a small student/teacher ratio so there is more attention to one on one student development. Multi-levels of instruction provide reviewing and advancement for each child.


Bible- Daily prayer, Bible lessons and weekly chapel will help each child build character, discipline and a moral function.


Purposeful Design: a comprehensive math program that emphasizes skill development and conceptual understanding



K-2 Abeka: intesnsive focus on phonics

3-6 MosDos:cleary deisgned to fostor values, ideals, behaviors, and most importantly, teach the necessary core reading and comprehension skills.



This powerful combination of teaching models and research-proven teaching methods allows for flexibility. In addition, our step-by-step process moves from simple concepts to increasingly complex skills, allowing student to grasp and retain even the most challenging language arts skills.

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